Resume Lucas Szybalski

Lucas(Lukasz) ‬Szybalski
Des Plaines, IL.‭ ‬60016 / 773-xxx-xx57 / Email:‭ ‬SZYBALSKI@GMAIL.COM

Vice President of Information Technology Department - Unique Insurance Managers. 1/2016 - Present

Challenge, Accomplishment,and Results:
- Launched 3 new Personal Auto states every 30 days + Insurance Verification System. 
- Insurance Business System Analysis.‭ ‬Gather and analyze business process,‭ ‬create technical requirements,‭ ‬meet with all levels of management/user groups,‭ ‬provide scalability and technical knowledge, taken live system to transform the corporation.‭
- Used knowledge of company processes to initiate, develop, test, new ideas to automate processes.
- Came up with the idea and then architected a program that issues 400 transactions a day. (Collecting business rules, did code review, split into multiple testing phases, made changes to other systems to inter-op with the program)
- To build a quoting portal used by Insureds, I've hired a team, worked on a design, took the knowledge of how the core system works and made changes to integrate it with new React Quoting Portal. Went live and started Facebook AD testing. 
- Managed development strategy, analysis, feature requirements, gathered advised on implementation details of Credit Card payment over Interactive Voice Response(IVR) over the phone using Amazon Connect and Lex.
- Managed the Architecture of Chat Portals, Quoting Portals, Submit Claims Online, Automating scheduled scripts via Airflow, Amazon Connect cloud based phone system.
- Seek, Interview, Hire candidates to fill roles in 3 Teams.
- Actively working with CEO, CFO, VP of UW, VP of Claims to increase top line revenue using automation.
- Constantly expanding knowledge to bring the best processes to make things more efficient by inserting or automating parts of the workflow.
- Does extremely well in understanding the process, and then implements the automation anywhere possible.
- (Python,Linux,MSSQL,Stored Proc,Tableau,Amazon Connect,Pyramid,AWS,GCP)

- Passion for building
- Hard work ethic
- Initiative taking
- Picking up new technologies
- Take time to learn new technologies
- Hooked up new technologies together
- Collaborate with co-workers
- Generating project ideas that are taken live
- Push projects to market
- Part of Executive Team


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science,‭ ‬University of Illinois at Chicago,‭ ‬May‭ ‬2006, 2001‭–2006
Bachelor of Arts in Economics,‭ ‬University of Illinois at Chicago,‭ ‬May‭ ‬2006, 2001‭– ‬2006‭
Study Abroad:Japanese, Tokyo, Japan. Summer 2005.

Fields Of Specialization

Computer Programming and Computer Systems
Love looking at data patterns, and trigger data discovery
Understands Economics and automate processes using software
Digging Deep into company's processes to find out how we can decrease cost of transactions

Operating Systems:,‭ ‬Debian Linux,‭ ‬Windows Servers 
System Programming:‭ ‬Python
Data Formats:‭ ‬MySQL,‭ ‬CSV,‭ ‬XML,‭ ‬TXT,‭ ‬CSS,‭ ‬SQL Server,‭Stored Procedures, Tableau ‬etc.
Tools: Apache, Airflow, Git, Amazon Connect, Dialogflow, AWS EC2, GCP, Amazon API Gateway, REST      
Business Programming:‭ ‬Python,Some JavaScript, Building API library to streamline core system access, export data to be used for analysis in tableau or airflow.  
Team: Git Merging weekly, Code Reviews weekly, Interviews, Hiring, Helping developers succeed, managing team structure and work process 

Open Source Programs

Technical Programs:
- ``pip install vinlib`` Vehicle Information Number Checker.‭  ‬I wrote a simple Vehicle information number checker which checks the check digit in a vin number,‭ ‬as defined by the vehicle information number standard.‭ ‬<‭>

Positions Held

5/1/2016- Present       Vice President of Information Technology Department - Unique Insurance Managers.
see above.

1/2010- 5/1/2016        Information Technology Manager
Created software to lunch new companies. Modified existing software to be reused at a similarly structured corporation to gain the best economy of scale factors. Managed and deployed new website with similar functionality at a new brand. Build software to gain processing efficiencies across companies. Managed IT Team growth. Hired and trained personnel. Implemented initiatives from CEO. Created data pipeline so that we can analyze patterns in insurance data in tableau. Spent the next 2 years in a weekly meeting analyzing, correcting patterns, analyzing and suggesting what is happening in collaboration with CEO, Marketing,IT to get full picture of data and reality. Adding new fields to export based on patterns found, making changes in a system to clean up data. 
Working with 3rd party software providers to implement additional interoperability with core system.

01/2007-‭ ‬1/2010         ‬Business Application Programmer‭; ‬Web Designer,‭
Developing,‭ ‬analyzing and fulfilling business requirements.‭ ‬Provide user management,‭ ‬security,‭ ‬reporting,‭ ‬sql base,‭ ‬multi state support capabilities within the software.‭ ‬Other responsibilities include implementing fax servers,‭ ‬building dynamic website,‭ ‬online policy applications conversions,‭ ‬meeting state requirements.

01/2006-‭ ‬01/2007‭         ‬Management Information Systems Consultant,‭
Managing entire MIS department‭ (‬client-server‭) ‬of Windows/Novell/Linux with‭ ‬100+‭ ‬Windows clients.‭ ‬Design client-server database tracking system of Fox pro and web based application.‭ ‬Developing various online and system programs using‭  ‬PYTHON,‭ ‬PHP,‭ ‬SQL,‭ ‬HTML.‭

05/2005-‭ ‬05/2006‭         ‬Programmer,‭ ‬Artificial Intelligence Lab,‭ ‬University of Illinois at Chicago
Writing a python program called Spamalot.‭
“Spamalot:‭ ‬Toolkit for consuming spammers‭' ‬Resources‭”‬,‭ ‬Third Conference on Email and Anti-Spam,‭ ‬CEAS July‭ ‬2006‭ ‬‭

05/2005-‭ ‬01/2006‭        ‬Webmaster,‭ ‬Chicago Internet Project,‭ ‬UIC
Maintaining and improving the functionality of HTML and CGI website.
Building a relational database in MySQL.

01/2005-‭ ‬01/2006‭        ‬Volunteer Webmaster,‭ ‬Association for Computing Machinery at UIC
Created a New Web page written in PHP.‭
Lead a team of four to implement:‭ ‬CSS,‭ ‬Subscription,‭ ‬Calendar,‭ ‬RSS,‭ ‬Webmail.

Contact me

Books Read

- Principles - Ray Dalio - ISBN 978-1-5011-2402-0
- Grammatical Man - Information, Entropy, Language, and Life by Jeremy Campbell ISBN 0-671-44061-6
- "All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there" - Buffet and Munger -A study in a Simplicity and Uncommon, Common Sense - Peter Bevelin - ISBN 978-1-68184-048-2
- Discipline of Market Leaders - Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema ISBN:978-0-201-40719-8
- Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - David Allen - ISBN: 0-14-200028-0
- The Five Temptations of a CEO - Patrick Lencioini ISBN 978-0-470-26758-5
- Purple Cow - Seth Godin - ISBN 978-1-59184-317-7
- The Innovator's Dilemma - When new technology causes great firm to fail - Clayton M. Christensen - ISBN 978-1-63369-178-0
- Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki - ISBN 978-1-61268-019-4

Reference to projects in prior life

These are projects I've worked at the beginning of my career. I've added it here in case you find something that interests you.

 -Online Insurance Quote System.‭ Website that collects information about drivers,‭ ‬cars,‭ ‬coverage and provides a quote.‭ ‬Build with Turbogears with the following components:‭ ‬Form Widgets,‭ ‬MySQL,‭ ‬SQLAlchemy.‭ ‬This was a data entry system in which users would enter information into the forms.‭ ‬Forms would get validated and sent to a database.‭ ‬At a final step a series of calculations would be performed based on the underwriting rules and at a final point premium would be displayed.‭
 -Insurance Claims Management System‭ (‬Clarion‭)‬.‭ ‬Build Claims management system based upon interviews with management and through analysis of the business process.‭
 -Spamalot.‭ (‬Python‭) ‬Artificial intelligence email program which initiate,‭ ‬receives,‭ ‬analysis,‭ ‬and responds to certain individuals via email.‭ ‬This program would listen for an email to be delivered to its mailbox.‭ ‬Upon it delivery it would parse it,‭ ‬save its parts to a database,‭ ‬and replied to the email withing few hours with a reply.‭
 -Universal Information Crawler.‭ (‬Python‭) ‬Program that collects,‭ ‬saves,‭ ‬and analyzes web site links.‭ ‬Calculates page rank and builds a simplified but fast search engine page ranking system.‭ (‬GPL‭) ‬ .Calculates page rank and builds a simplified but fast search engine page ranking system.‭ (‬GPL‭) ‬ UICrawler goes out to the internet and collects the first page.‭ ‬Upon reading the page it will follow all the links it finds on the website.‭ ‬It will collect these pages,‭ ‬analyze the links and collect subsequent pages.
 -Automotive Recall Database.‭ ‬I have used Automotive recall database from the National Highway Safety Administration to display automotive recalls by year,make,model on a website‭ (‬60MB of data‭)‬.‭ ‬Using Turbogears,‭ ‬mysql,‭ ‬and python to transform data from zipped file to web based content.‭ Initially used mod_python,‭ ‬then converted the app into TurboGears then Pyramid.
 -Highway data analysis:‭ ‬I have used python to convert Highway sensor data to a format that would be read by‭ “‬R‭” ‬statistical program.‭ ‬At the point data was converted to a format I needed the R program would analysis the traffic patterns based on density,‭ ‬time,‭ ‬mass at which point it would try to predict the accident sites.‭
 -Data conversion.‭ ‬I have written few python programs that convert various csv files to a common format.‭ ‬ I have used these programs to merge two different databases with few common columns.‭ ‬It also been used to do small data quality improvements by scanning for similar rows and removing the duplicates.‭ ‬Some other conversion include:‭ ‬csv to mysql,‭ ‬tps to mysql,‭ ‬csv to tps,‭ ‬db2‭ ‬to csv,‭ ‬csv to db2,‭ ‬etc
 -Traffic analyzer.‭ (‬R‭) ‬Program that predicts accident on the Chicago Interstate highways.‭ ‬Cleans the sample from outliers,‭ ‬assign the features of the data,‭ ‬make a decision tree of probable event happening.‭ ‬Sorts‭ ‬13,000‭ ‬data points in all directions into the per direction per highway data.
 -Seasonality Analysis:‭ ‬Predicting the effects of seasonality of housing market on demand and supply in real estate sales.‭ ‬Data sample of‭ ‬130,000‭ ‬data points consists of Chicago housing market between‭ ‬1990‭ ‬and‭ ‬2000.
 -Cost containment:‭ ‬Using OLS model to analyze growth strategies,‭ ‬predict personal consumption,‭ ‬and short-term interstate rates in US market.‭
 -Convert multiple storage format to acordXML to then being loaded into insurance policy system.‭
 -Real Estate Analysis.‭ ‬Building investment,‭ ‬calculating net operating income and best alternatives for investing money,‭ ‬using rental floor area,‭ ‬usable area,‭ ‬current cost of investment and future prediction on a sale and total revenue.
 -Automotive Analysis.‭ ‬Working with team of three to create features and using them create performance matrix which will predict an under or an overvalue in a product.
 -Tools Not used as much:

System Programming:‭ ‬C,‭ ‬C++,‭ ‬Some Java,‭ ‬Clarion
Data Formats/Software Tools:‭ ‬MySQL,‭ ‬CSV,‭ ‬XTML,‭ ‬XML,‭ ‬TXT,‭ ‬CSS,‭ ‬SQL,‭ ‬PHP,‭ ‬Apache,‭ ‬etc.
Business Programming:‭ ‬Python,‭ ‬R‭ (‬S+‭)‬,C/C++,‭ ‬Clarion,‭ ‬B34S,SPSS,SAS,etc.
Analytical Skills:‭ ‬OLS,‭ ‬AR,MA,ARMA,ARIMA,‭ ‬GLS,‭ ‬Time Series Analysis,‭ ‬Excel/Access conversions,‭ ‬etc.

 -I have managed servers in on various operating systems. I have experience with Novell, Windows: 98,2000, 2003; Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, some fedora core and RedHat, SuSE.
 -I have configured fax hardware. I have replaced 5 separate fax machines and substituted it with one fax server. It enabled browsing of all faxes online, having a log of incoming faxes and where they came from. It allowed people to fax from their pc. Around 500 incoming faxes a day, and 50 outgoing.

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